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IBM Information Strategy Community Meeting

Thanks to everyone who could participate in the Information Governance Community Meetings @ IBM’s Information on Demand Conference.  Over 400 people participated in the 6 Information Governance Community sessions we had at IOD.  Of course we had some fantastic speakers in those sessions and I’d like to personally thank Peter Aiken, Cengiz and Nathali Barlas, Richard Lee, Jason Federoff, Vincent McBurney, Brian Vile, and Steven Miller for their terrific performances in the IBA Use Case and the Information Asset Debate.  The audiences too have to be thanked because all of our sessions were interactive and I learned so much from audience participation.

Some of the things I learned are that Data Governance is moving up in organizational importance but its still beset with many operational challenges. It’s just hard to persuade Line of Business units to invest in what is perceived as a maintenance function.  Audience Feedback at IOD persuades me we can change that by transforming what we do from maintenance to product management.  Information is a product and we need to start selling it to the business based on the utility of the needs of “the customer,” and the utility of the data.  We have real technology that can measure that and with some new know-how I think we can take our industry to the next level – Information Product Management & Strategy.

Open Data is also transforming Enterprise IT.  And we learned that there are new tools to simulate how Information Products can be published and used and re-used and protected.

I see in these new developments an opportunity to remake our industry, to transform it into a strategic, revenue producing, front office, dream job.  I can write about it, talk about it, but I need your help to extend these ideas into a new working Data Governance Methodology we can all use to make a real impact in our companies.

Therefore, The IBM Information Strategy Community will meet in May 2014 to discuss Information Product Management, Open Data, Systems Dynamics, and Data Governance.  The Agenda will include:

1.  A Product Management Workshop, which teams up Information Governors with Product Managers to develop new tools for developing and selling Information Products to internal and external customers;

2.  An Open Data Hackathon in which Information Products are published in Open Data Catalogs to be transformed into application prototypes by “business users.”

3.  System Dynamics simulations in Financial Services, Healthcare, Environment, and Information Product Management.

4.  A new Data Governance methodology.

These will be fantastic sessions, facilitated by industry leaders and visionaries.  This 2-day event will be self-funded with a conference fee.  I’m reviewing venues used in past meetings and looking for Community Feedback on one of four options:

1.  Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz NY

2.  IBM @ 590 Madison Avenue, NY

3.  Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay

4.  IBM @ IEG in Washington, DC

Please let me know your preference for venue and if you are interested in participating and/or speaking at the event in one of the workshops or sessions.  Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Information Governance Community Meetings @ IOD and welcome to the New Information Strategy Community.

Happy Holidays and Looking forward to hearing from you.

Steve Adler, IBM




  1. Hi Steve, hi all. Seasons greetings and a very merry whatsit…

    That sounds like a pretty exciting agenda for May. I’ll need to work on the holder of the corporate purse to try and make sure I can get to the next event!

    Maybe I could run a workshop on the cultural considerations for data sharing (i.e. the “Publish And Be Damned” agenda), to tie in with the Information Strategist book?

    I’m also currently working on pulling together a workshop on “Managing for effective Data Governance”, which will examine the skills and personal attributes needed by a Data Governance Manager.

    Can’t really comment on location – other than to say that I’d love an excuse to go to NY…


  2. Steve,

    I am always up for a trip to either Mohonk or Half-Moon Bay.

    I would also be happy to lead or participate in any breakout sessions or forums.


  3. Ed,

    Thanks. I’m working on the venues and the agendas and promise that 2014 will have some exciting meetings. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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